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Tinkering Program Heading link


This program gives undergraduate college students hands-on experience in programming and designing projects using Arduino micro-controllers and Raspberry Pi micro-computers.


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Robotics Team Heading link

robot team

For this project the team is working to design and build a robot that will go into the Midwest Robotic Design Competition(MRDC). The robot needs to accomplish a list of tasks throughout the competition. Examples of these tasks are: pull a rope downwards, pick up a ball, holding a door etc. The team is in charge of putting together mechanical, electrical and coding aspects of the robot to make the best performance at the competition.


E-mail the captain to join the team:

Headphones Workshop Heading link

Explore how speakers and other electroacoustic transducers turn electricity into sound, then learn about the historical technologies that made modern headsets possible.

Circuit Building Workshop Heading link

Workshops held throughout the academic year for about an hour. These workshops aim to introduce or build technical skills relevant in technology and ECE careers, including: Soldering, Arduino, Raspberry pi.

Bio Prosthetic Project/ Competition Heading link

NASA Bioengineering Branch is developing the next generation of life support systems to enable humans to live in space for extended periods of time with minimal resupply. 3D printer.  The challenge is for Blue and Red teams in putting together mechanical, electrical and coding aspects of the robot to make the best performance at the design concept competition.

Al and Machine Learning Workshop Heading link

MATLAB, SolidWorks and Machine Learning Workshops together with SHPE.